Listen, people. 

Last year we went the democratic route and you saw what happened.  Complete chaos.

This year, to save everyone a whole lotta hassle, we, the Quorum of the Indeterminate Number of Snarks, unilaterally declare the nominees and winners of the Niblet Awards:
Best Blog:  By Common Consent.  Don’t hate the playah, hate the game.
Best New Blog: Mormons Rock  
Best Nacle Post, Period:  Tracy M., “Quick Like a Glacier“.  I loves me some good Tracy posts.
Best Wilfried Post:  Watching Conference  
Best Blog Layout/Graphics:  Nine Moons for the cool banner artwork.  I want a gallery of past banners.
Best Big Blog Containing “Housewives” in Title, with someone named “Janet” as a contributor:  Feminist Mormon Housewives
Most Irrelevant Blog:  Council of (not quite) 50  

Most Self-Aggrandizing Blog: New Cool Thang

Now to the rest of you, the unnamed heroes of the ‘Nacle, just know that we love you.  It’s because we love you that we left you off of this list.  It’s not you.  It’s us.  Seriously, there are so many of you to name.  I can’t begin to do you justice.  I want to thank the Academy.   And I want to thank D. Golden Shizzle, my producer, for his guidance.  I want to thank the writers, and the teamsters.

Oh yeah, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, I’m Dazzle of Snarkernacle

Peace out, yo.