Niblets Results

March 6, 2007

I am Dazzle, and I am the man behind the 2006 “ldsniblets” admin curtain. I setup this site, and I configured and administered the voting. No one else had access to the voting results, nor did anyone else have access to the admin features of this site.

Explanation: My original intent was to create a “surprise/gotcha” effect when the podcast was released. Ironically, my reasoning was that it would “taint” participation to announce who was behind it before voting closed. Ronan had suggested not keeping it under wraps. Lesson learned: always listen to Ronan. Another lesson learned: size matters.

Incidentally, kudos to the two intrepid souls who dared to ask who I was by clicking on the “email” link on the sidebar. They both received a prompt and courteous reply telling them who I was.

I intended to invite each of the winners to submit an audio “interview” file that would be woven into a good-humored, high-quality podcast (i.e., there would be no “snarking,” axe grinding or the like). All winners would have been informed that I was running the Niblets this year, and all who elected to participate in the podcast would have had a chance to preview the podcast and give their approval prior to it being published online. But, for obvious reasons, I’ve scrapped the podcast, since a misplaced comma would invite me the ire of the assembled masses.

Here are the results of your voting, forever immortalized for your posterity. Voting was conducted in two parts, over three sequential polls. SurveyMonkey limits each poll to 100 responses, and 3 polls were needed to accommodate the volume of votes received. I voted once at the beginning to make sure the polls functioned correctly (i.e., linking from Part 1 to Part 2).  The tallies from each phase of voting have been added up and summarized here.  To see the three individual sets of results for each question, click here (given the hype over the election I felt it best to disclose the results in their “official” unofficial format as well).

Each poll was identical, except for two cases where I received requests from individuals who wished to be withdrawn. In those cases, they were withdrawn upon the commencement of the next poll (SurveyMonkey does not let you delete items once answers have been received). In one other instance a person was listed twice, and she was consolidated into one entry upon the commencement of the next poll.

Winners are in bold
Runners-up are in italics.

Best big blog
154 BCC
76 T&S

Best group blog
12 A Motley Vision
13 Blogger of Jared
15 Exponent II
16 Faith Promoting Rumour
42 Withdrawn
31 Mormon Mentality
14 New Cool Thang
14 Nine Moons
55 Zelophehad’s Daughters

Best mom/girly blog
101 Mormon Mommy Wars
42 Tales from the Crib

Best solo blog
8 Best Books
115 Dave’s Mormon Inquiry
18 Mormanity
32 Mormon Wasp
4 Small and Simple
16 Viva Ned Flanders

Best new blog
11 A Prayer of Faith
49 The Cultural Hall
37 Feast Upon the Word
3 The Ironic Priesthood
3 More Good Blog
72 Mormon Mentality
6 Purim
17 Urban Mormonism

Best blogger
22 Ardis Parshall
1 BrianJ
2 Devyn Smith
11 DMI Dave
22 Eve
17 J. Nelson-Seawright
3 Janet
4 Jim F.
21 Kevin Barney
5 Kiskilili
18 Margaret Young
7 Mogget
25 Ronan
5 Rosalynde
3 Sam MB
6 Steve Evans
2 Susan M
11 Tracy M
30 Wilfried Decoo

Best commenter
7 a Random John
14 Annegb
12 Blake Ostler
5 Bookslinger
23 Bored in Vernal
1 Christian Y. Cardall
0 Costanza
10 DKL
29 gst
11 J. Stapley
17 Julie M. Smith
9 M&M
7 Mark IV
0 Matt B. at Mormon Mentality
5 Matt Evans
8 Matt W.
8 Nate O.
29 Ronan
12 Seraphine
3 Seth R
7 Stephen M. Ethesis

Unsung hero
17 Bookslinger
4 Christian Cardall
11 Clark Goble
9 Connor Boyack
5 J. Nelson-Seawright
21 J. Stapley
1 Jacob J
78 John Dehlin
26 Lynnette
13 Michael Otterson
6 Rusty @ 9M (just ’cause)
23 Stephen M. Ethesis

Best thing about the Bloggernacle in ’06:
22 Advent of serious Bible Studies
10 Almost no posts about SSM or abortion
24 Ardis Parshall at T&S
6 BCC’s rotating banner
8 Discussion of feminist issues
5 Expansion of Nine Moons (… 10 moons?)
15 Experimenting with new ideas (like podcasts and sustain’d)
3 FMH adds Janet to author lineup
5 Great guest posts
11 LDSelect: Configure it Yourself
10 Less melodrama
0 More diversity and interesting topic for “old timers”
4 More feminists
8 New blood at T&S
16 New feminist community develops around ZD and ExponentII
21 Resurrection of Zelophehad’s Daughters
5 Sustain’d
2 T&S gets demoted on MA
2 T&S gets slightly less stuck-up
8 Tracy M joins BCC

Worst thing about the Bloggernacle in ’06:
3 Banner of Heaven reunion never materialized
7 BCC destroying LDSLF
12 Everyone gets their own blog, less cross participation
10 JNS/Midgley episode
9 M* Collapse
9 Mark Butler fiasco
7 Meanness up, civility down
26 Melissa and Kristine leave T&S
12 Political discussions
6 Popcorn Popping pooped out
10 Raids from the DAMU
10 Reruns/Repetition
15 Selfishness and clicquishness
28 Snarkernacle
6 T&S Sidebar
15 Treatment of dissenting commenters at FMH

Best post:
7 A Mormon Mentality Reading of Where the Wild Things Are, by aRJ on Mormon Mentality
5 An adult’s view of Mormon origins, by Sam on BCC
7 And who is my neighbor?, by Rosalynde Welch on T&S
1 Ardis’s post on eating fruit/whip cream for an object lesson on Fast Sunday
4 Artistic Racism, by Ronan on BCC
8 Book of Job series, by Moggett on FPR
24 Dressing the Dead, by Ardis on T&S
13 The Grace of This Darkness: Surrendering to the Mystery of Suffering and Creation, by Eve on ZD
9 Gravity series by Tyler J. on T&S
17 gst’s greatest hits, on BCC
3 In the Archives, by J. Stapely
3 Is there work that is unworthy of me?, by Kris at BCC
7 Making Sense of Sunday, by Deborah at ExponentII
19 Martha’s Sacrament, by Wilfried at T&S
6 Mormon Culture Tournament, by J. Daniel Crawford on BCC
13 My Journey into Apostasy, by Kiskilili on ZD
3 random’s Thoughts on Perfecting the Saints, by aRJ on Mormon Mentality
6 To return to the temple, by Naiah (as a guest on FMH)
6 Thoughts From the Third Pew, Center Left, by Susan M on 9M
23 Why I Favor Gay Marriage, by Kevin Barney on BCC
2 Why Procreation, by Christian Cardall on Spinozist Mormon

Sorely missed:
16 12 Questions at T&S
14 Adam Greenwood
1 Bob & Logan
5 Bryce I.
6 D. Fletcher
5 Dallas and Janelle- This Mormon Life on hiatus
13 ECS/Elisabeth
12 Ed Snow
0 Greg Call
1 Kingsley
13 Kristen J
34 Kristine
18 Latter-Day Liberation Front
8 M* in its glory days
3 Naomi Frandsen
13 Our thoughts on the MA
7 Spinozist Mormon Posts
4 Zeitcast

Write-in category
26 Best parody post: “[Most] recent FMH sex post sanitized for your convenience”
60 Best podcast: Mormon Stories
25 Best prank: hacking T&S to play Star Wars and BSG quotes as well as All Your Base
52 Best promoter of bloggernacle community: Kaimi, for using T&S sidebar to mention posts on other blogs
5 Best use of big words: Christian Cardall
21 Blogging peacemaker extrodinaire: Stephen Ethesis
5 Funniest post: “Why God?, Why?” (Blogger of Jared)
8 Most inflammatory comment: Rosalynde on breasts and beards
23 Most inflammatory comment: Kiskilili’s infamous temple comment
38 Most overdone theme: Mitt Romney
3 Most picked-on person: Butler from DKL
10 Most vitriolic nonsense: J. Daniel Crawford’s Bush worships the devil post
21 Smartest best onery person: Julie Smith
3 Smartest guy in the bloggernacle: Wayne Lecheminant

And, last but not least, my favorite question of the poll. Mitt was doing quite well at the outset, but fell behind later on:

This is the end of the poll.
49 I concur.
25 Really?
16 It’s about time.
12 What poll?
53 Where’s the part where I vote for Mitt Romney?
19 Zzzz…

To the winners: Congratulations, and sorry it didn’t work out.

Comments are welcome on on this thread to discuss the outcome of the voting. Any complaining, conspiracy theories, etc. can go on the “Complaints, gripes and concerns” thread. No exceptions.

UPDATE: Ziff over at ZsDs has created some nifty charts to graphically display the voting results.


24 Responses to “Niblets Results”

  1. Ronan Says:

    Um Daz, do us a favour and tally-up the scores. Winner and runner-up. My maths is rubbish.

  2. Ronan Says:

    Kristine is still alive, Florida!

  3. Ronan Says:

    Oh, and I’m sorry about the Nibcast. I think it would have been fun.

  4. gst Says:

    I’d like to thank everyone who…

    Oh wait. I just added them up and Ronan actually won.

    Now I feel like Derek Zoolander.

  5. Ronan Says:

    You can have it, man. Being a permablogger and winning best commenter is like being a director and winning best dolly grip. No offense intended…(grin)

  6. tracy m Says:

    Hey, 19 people think I’m alright! That’s a good day! Thanks everyone.

  7. gst Says:

    Actually I think we tied 29-29. Still waiting for the absentee military ballots to come in.

  8. Dazzle Says:


    I’ve tallied the votes from the three segments, and bolded winners and italicized the runners up.


    From what I tallied in Excel, you guys tied for first place. Don’t argue with Microsoft, look what happened to Novell.

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  10. Matt W. Says:

    Wo, the Tallies at ZD have Ardis winning best post and not Kevin…FWIW…

  11. ldsniblets Says:

    The recount netted more votes for both Ardis and Kevin, putting her ahead by one vote (instead of the other way around). The results have been updated (thanks for catching that).

    I think it is safe to say that this one is within the margin of error.

  12. Kristine Says:

    So, this must be how Huck Finn felt watching his own funeral. I’m not dead yet! I’m going for a walk!

  13. tracy m Says:

    Kristine- I tried to tell everyone where you were, but no one was listening. Can I go for a walk with you?

  14. Janet Says:

    Thanks for doing this, Dazzle. Despite the issues of transparency and what constitutes “big,” both the nominations and the voting were lots of fun.

    And I’m so excited that Ardis’ post on “dressing the dead” won! Woohooo! I nominated a winner :).

  15. jjohnsen Says:

    Wow @ Unsung Hero John Dehlin.

  16. Anna Says:

    Kristine, maybe people realize you’re still around and are just clamoring for more of you.

    Besides, don’t you want to watch your own funeral? Think of all the great music that will be there!

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  19. Kevin Barney Says:

    This was really fun, Dazzle. Thanks for doing all the work to make it happen.

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