Niblets Results: Full graphical data

March 6, 2007

(the template was changed to accommodate the voting graphics)

Here are the results of your voting, forever immortalized for your posterity. Voting was conducted in two parts, over three sequential polls. SurveyMonkey limits each poll to 100 responses, and 3 polls were needed to accommodate the volume of votes received. I voted once at the beginning to make sure the polls functioned correctly (i.e., linking from Part 1 to Part 2). You will see three sets of results for each question, which is representative of the votes received in each of the three polls. Given the hype over the election I felt it best to disclose the results in their “official” unofficial format.

Each poll was identical, except for two cases where I received requests from individuals who wished to be withdrawn. In those cases, they were withdrawn upon the commencement of the next poll (SurveyMonkey does not let you delete items once answers have been received). In one other instance a person was listed twice, and she was consolidated into one entry upon the commencement of the next poll. In cases where someone was withdrawn, the votes remain for the time they were in the poll. This is a limitation imposed by SurveyMonkey, so you may wish to write them if you have a problem with it.

Question 1 results

Question 2 results

Question 3 results

Question 4 results

Question 5 results

Question 6 results

Question 7 results

Question 8 results

The following questions were in “Part 2”, so the numbering starts over:

Question 9 results

Question 10 results

Question 11 results

Question 12 results

Question 13 results

And, last but not least, my favorite question of the poll. Mitt was doing quite well at the outset, but fell behind later on:

Question 14 results

Comments are welcome on the main results thread.


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