Complaints, gripes and concerns

March 6, 2007

Feel you got slighted in the Niblets?

Think there was ballot stuffing, or a compromise of voting integrity?  Think Jimmy Carter should oversee the next Niblets?

Just want to complain that your grilled cheese sandwich was akin to eating shoe leather?

This is the thread for you. 

No personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated from any party.


39 Responses to “Complaints, gripes and concerns”

  1. danithew Says:

    Who is Dazzle?

    Pushing the curtain aside to provide the name of an anonymous blogger is not a reveal.

  2. HP Says:

    If it had turned out to be Dave (of DMI) or Justin Butterfield, would you care? For some people Daz’s association with Snarkernacle is enough to taint the process.

  3. Kurt Says:


    Dazzle is the pseudonym for someone who is otherwise unknown and who perfers to remain that way. He is on Team SnarkerNacle.


    I know this will be hard for some to believe, but the only reason BCC and T&S were pulled out from the others was because they are category killers, and for no other reason. There was absolutely no malice towards anyone. The only issue was that nobody could possibly compete fairly against those two and win.

  4. D. Golden Shizzle Says:

    Typical. Everybody wants to know who was behind the Niblets and then they’re upset with the “Reveal”. Some of us (Dazzle and myself for example) don’t feel the need to “expose” ourselves to the ‘Nacle.

    Perhaps they’re threatened by our anonymity. They can’t handle the fact we could be anyone.


  5. tracy m Says:

    Hmmm- I think it’s just fine, for what that’s worth.

  6. Dazzle Says:

    If I were known elsewhere, there would be another name to give you. As Kurt said, I’m “otherwise unknown”.


  7. danithew Says:

    I think that for something like this, transparency is important. There are a lot of ways that the process could be corrupted or biased and it makes the situation more suspicious when it the identity of the person(s) involved is/are concealed.

    It’s too late for this survey, but assuming this happens annually in the future, the people involved with the process would be willing to come forward and reveal their actual identities.

    Also, next year, I’d like to see more than two names promoted as candidates for “big blog.” The bloggernacle isn’t old or established enough to perpetually limit the candidates to BCC: and T&S. I still feel FMH was a viable contender and there may even be one or two other blogs that could be considered as well. If a blog really has no chance at succeeding, it will show up in the vote count. This is not something that should be decided based on the ‘common sense’ of certain individuals (who may or may not have an interest in the outcome – as I pointed out earlier, we don’t know who is running this thing).

  8. tracy m Says:

    Oh good greif! It’s a silly internet poll for our navel gazing and ammusement!

  9. danithew Says:


    When people don’t like the direction an argument is taking and aren’t interested in dealing with the substance of the arguments, they can always state that the topic is silly and innocuous and so the argument itself isn’t merited. In the blogging world this kind of “lighten up, we’re only blogging” point gets made too often. It’s not an argument that I accept.

  10. D. Golden Shizzle Says:

    “Something like this”?!?

    Just how important is this navel gazing award to you danithew?

  11. Ronan Says:

    Enough! Stop!

    Let’s navel gaze the awards, delight in the fact that two socialist Europeans are the nacle’s fave bloggers, congratulate the mighty BCC, enjoy Snarkernacle’s fall (rise?) from best new blog last year to worst thing this year, etc. etc.

    But let’s not navel gaze the navel gaze. Please!!

  12. tracy m Says:

    Dannithew- I’m aware of that defense mechanism, but that’s not what’s going on with my comment here. I meant no offense, I just think it’s a silly poll- for fun only, and really doesn’t have any bearning on the real world- thus I personally feel no attachement to the results. Who cares, really?

    Now, if we were talking about the substance of a post dealing with someones spirituality or that had repercussions in someones life, I would understand more the desire for transparency. But this? I don’t get.

    That said, I have NOTHING to do with this poll, and I have no idea who Dazzle is, or anyone associated here.

  13. tracy m Says:

    Sorry Ronan! We posted at the same time! Agreed!

  14. danithew Says:

    It’s a bit ironic that a site has a specific thread designed for complaints, concerns, etc. but that now I’m being rebuked for using it.

  15. Dazzle Says:

    I just think it’s a silly poll- for fun only, and really doesn’t have any bearning on the real world- thus I personally feel no attachement to the results. Who cares, really?

    And that’s how I viewed this from the beginning. I didn’t really think people would care. I was obviously mistaken. Lesson learned (though in 20/20 hindsight, I suppose none of this should have been a surprise).

    I presumed that 99.9% of the people would have Tracy M.’s take on this.

  16. Kurt Says:

    Oh, Daniel, please, enough already. You pick lost causes to champion and then harp on them incessantly (e.g., Bloggernacle Community, cross-participation, Sustain’d, etc.). OK, we got it, you dont like the way it happend. WE GOT IT. So, next year, YOU DO IT! And then you get to put up with all the petty nonsense and whining and bickering. I mean, seriously, you are going to sit around with the Bloggernacle and debate the meaning of the word “big” with respect to blogs? That would truly be the worst and most stooopid Bloggernacle thread of all time. What? Only BCC, T&S and FMH are “big”? Oh, you are such an exclusivist!!! How dare you not include BliggityBlogBingBangBoom in there!!! Wah!

  17. danithew Says:


    You made a point of personally emailing me links to the Niblets nominations and the Niblets results thread in the first place. You made a point of bringing them to my attention. If you notice, I posted links to a project you cared enough to bring to my attention.

    But if you’re going to make a personal point of bringing these things to my attention, then you shouldn’t complain if I think they have some kind of significance and provide my candid thoughts on the subjects that arose.

  18. Dr. Nick Says:

    What are niblets? And why are people upset about them?

  19. danithew Says:

    Bah, the wording on my last comment sucked. I was typing it on a computer in a university lobby and the edits actually made it worse.

  20. Connor Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  21. John Scherer Says:

    I have a gripe. How is it that every day I drive home on the parkway and when I get there I park in the driveway. Oh that gets my goat.

  22. Heather O. Says:

    Hey, I have a gripe, too. Where’s my fondue?

  23. Mark IV Says:

    Dazz, how come you aren’t on the masthead anymore at SN Industries Ltd.?

    Thanks for running this poll, thankless though the task has turned out to be. No good deed goes unpunished, but it was still a good deed.

    I think the previous thread underscores Kurt’s point. Measuring a thread or blog solely by the # of comments or hits isn’t a good way to determine quality. That thread was big, and it sucked.

  24. A nibcast would have been great. If you are Dazzle, an (anonymous) person from the Snarkernacle, why would you care if anyone had snarky things to say about it?

  25. Kurt Says:


    Thanks for posting links in the MM sidebar. But, what you are saying here is stuff you have already said, repeatedely in the previous thread. OK, we got it. We heard it there, we disagreed. You are saying it again, we still disagree. Say it again tommorrow, and guess what? We will still disagree. How many times are you going to say the same thing? You want transparency? Take off your pants and go walk around lower Manhattan and see what a little transparency gets you.

  26. Kurt Says:

    There may still be a NibletCast after all…

  27. danithew Says:

    Despite what some are saying about this just being for fun, it’s obvious that many bloggers are taking the poll seriously – at least the ones who did well by the voting. They are expressing happiness about the results and obviously feel that these polls are indicative of “reality” to some extent. So I can’t see why asking for transparency is such an unreasonable and outrageous demand.

    But if the broad group of LDS bloggers is generally content with things the way they are (since I’m basically the only one complaining about it) then I guess there’s no more point in arguing about it.

  28. Kari Says:

    Why is Kurt pretending to be someone called Dazzle?

  29. Dazzle Says:

    Bored in Vernal:

    A nibcast would have been great. If you are Dazzle, an (anonymous) person from the Snarkernacle, why would you care if anyone had snarky things to say about it?

    I revel in snarky things. If I were to do a ‘cast, and someone were to do a satire piece on it, I’d find that a high compliment.

    The tone of the Niblets, however, has not been satirical but rather too serious and taken too personally. That sucked the fun out of it, in my opinion. Thus, were I to do a podcast, an omission or error on my part would probably be seen as having an intent of personal malice or who knows what. Rather than snarky comments, you get complaints and whining.

    If everyone subscribed to the Tracy M. outlook on the Niblets, the podcast would already be recorded and online.

  30. Kurt Says:

    Kari, I’m not. I am me, and he isnt.

  31. DKL Says:

    I’m in total agreement with Danithew.

    The fact that Dazzle is unwilling to put his own name behind his product says more about it than anything I can.

    Nevertheless, I find the pretense that “it just doesn’t matter” to be pretty pathetic. It reflects either severe ignorance or feigned coolness. Ignorance I can deal with (I, for one, have got enough of it to go around), but the feigned coolness is insufferable. It’s what makes T&S a better blog than BCC this year (in spite of the voting results); T&S doesn’t pretend to be cool. Too many bloggers appear to have missed the memo: We’re all a bunch of geeks, and blogging is a poor substitute for pretty much any constructive hobby.

    I don’t have anything to complain about. The blog that I participate in did pretty well this year, so there’s no sour grapes on my part.

    There’s a reason why the Snarkernacle got voted the worst thing in the nacle. I suspect that it’s no mere coincidence that the first year in which the Niblets have proven acrimonious is the year that someone from Snarkernacle anonymously ran them.

  32. Kurt Says:

    Well, Daniel, there you go, you are in agreement with DKL and FMHLisa.

    Lets drag this non-issue out for another trot once again:

    The nominations round was by the Bloggernacle, and was adhered to with the exception of pulling the two category killers out so that someone else would have a chance at winning.

    The voting was handled by a completely independent third party (e.g., Survey Monkey).

    The raw results as produced by Survey Monkey were posted.

    Where is the lack of transparency in this process? There is none. Dazzle won’t say who he is? That has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the nominations, voting or results. And even the critics havent suggested it does. So what legitimate gripe do you have? None. You want Dazzle to say he is John Doe? What will that change? Nothing. It is just something for whiners to whine about. Wah.

    I don’t have anything to complain about. The blog that I participate in did pretty well this year, so there’s no sour grapes on my part.

    But you will go ahead and complain about SnarkerNacle and the acrimony anyway, even though you have no reason to complain, right?

    There’s a reason why the Snarkernacle got voted the worst thing in the nacle. I suspect that it’s no mere coincidence that the first year in which the Niblets have proven acrimonious is the year that someone from Snarkernacle anonymously ran them.

    Yeah, DKL, no bitterness there. Maybe if we all followed your stellar example there would be more love, peace and charity in the Bloggernacle. Oh, that we at SnarkerNacle could be more LDSelect-like and work to undermine the MoArch just a little more peacefully and lovingly, without acrimony. Oh, that Snarkimus Prime would apologize for all the hurt feelings and unkind things done, even as the uber-charitable lord DKL has. Maybe, someday, my unapologetic Miranda. You are just bitter that you can no longer legitimately claim to be the most reviled person in the Bloggernacle.

  33. DKL Says:

    So you’re assuming that my insistence that it’s a bad idea for an anonymous snarker to do the niblets means that I’m somehow committed to the view that I should do the niblets? I realize that assumption allows you to make an insulting argument about whether people react acrimoniously to me. Nevertheless, it’s an idiotic assumption.

    So Kurt, I’ll tell you what: When I decide to undertake to do the Niblet awards, you can judge whether or not I do a better job than an anonymous snarker.

  34. danithew Says:

    Kurt wrote: “Well, Daniel, there you go, you are in agreement with DKL and FMHLisa.”

    Do you mean that as a criticism? I don’t mind being in their company.

  35. Kurt Says:

    DKL, I never suggested or assumed any such wacky thing as you doing the Niblets, so how you could derive that from my comment above is a mystery. But, hey, you dont have anything else to attack or mock, so flail at your straw man all you like, he is all yours, all idiotic, as you say, and all yours.

    Daniel, well, there you go, everybody is happy. Maybe Lisa will let DKL and you guest post there at FMH. DKL can post as Miranda Park Jones and set himself up with some peach of a lame argument that he can then attack as DKL to show off how smart he is, just like old times, eh, Dave? And you can talk about how big FMH is, and all the reasons why it is big. Knock yourselves out, guys. I am sure you will do a bang up job and all the peeps there at FMH will lap it up.

  36. danithew Says:

    Kurt, sometimes I just don’t get where all the antagonism/sarcasm comes from or how you maintain it for so long. It really doesn’t make sense to me.

  37. Kurt Says:

    Guess what, Daniel. Sometimes you dont make sense to me either.

  38. I just wish I had nominated my own blog, er, the blog I back up the database for but never actually post to, as best new blog. Just so more people might check it out.

    And to think, I used to not post with Conversation. I am simply destined not to write.

  39. annegb Says:

    How do we know if anybody can compete against them and win if nobody is allowed to compete against them?

    It is all kind of silly, Tracy, you’re right. And yet we do it.

    I’d be glad to do the Niblets next year because I think I could be objective. I seriously do.

    Although I’m having serious calls on my time and may have to go Christian Cardall on you guys.

    Kurt, it occurs to me that your feelings have been seriously hurt. I honestly don’t know who you are and if we are or are not friends. I would like to go on record as NOT voting for the Snarker as the worst thing on the bloggernacle. I voted for the one about cliqueishness.

    But I still believe FMH is a good blog and a big blog and deserved the opportunity to duke it out with the boys.

    Kurt, you are coming across as more attacking than anybody. At least on this thread. Although you could feel backed into a corner.

    LOL, I just had a picture of me next year bitching everybody out who criticizes my handling of the award. And Kurt fed-exing me a valium.

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