Nominations Closed

February 10, 2007

Thanks to all who submitted nominations.  Voting will be available within a few days.


5 Responses to “Nominations Closed”

  1. a random John Says:

    Define “a few days”…

  2. Eric Nielson Says:

    few weeks perhaps?

  3. danithew Says:

    By the way, this is too late for this year, but I think there ought to be a “worst troll” category.

    Might be interesting to see links to actual comment threads and the like.

  4. danithew Says:

    One other thing that occurs to me … I wonder if there could be a sort of open nominations post/thread after the awards are given out. That way, during a given year, a person could post suggestions of posts, etc. that are exceptional/extraordinary/unique enough to be considered.

    I only say this because I have a feeling that nominations might get slightly skewed to some extent by more recent memories.

  5. a random John Says:


    I nominate the voting thread on this site as the most pointlessly contentious thread of 2007.

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